Webbeatit Menu for Bars and Restaurants

QR Code Menu for Bars and Restaurants

Now with the Covid 19  many bars and restaurants turn to electronic menu for their business via QR Codes.

The process is simple as 1,2,3. 

We are able to make yours even more intuitive making your Restaurant Menu a Flip menu as you were reading a hard copy.

We can give you an simple example for a restaurant in Greece.
The restaurant is called Four Seasons and our client provided us with their menu in PDF format and their LOGO for starters .
Our company created a QR CODE for them

and hosted the PDF file in our servers . This can be done also in your server if you have a website and hosting for your own. 

From now on Four Seasons clients are able by scanning the qr code to download and see their menu without touching and hard copy of the menu.  

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